Alexander Perrin

Interactive Media and Illustration

Brolly Folly

Year 2015
Tools Unity

Hotdog sales are down.
Room only for one.
Pleasant battle!

Brolly Folly is a delightful 2-4 player umbrella jousting brawler. It’s intuitive nature, fast face and bold visuals have made it a crowd favourite at numerous events and exhibitions over the world, including:

  • SUPER Hot Ronny’s Rumble, hosted at Babycastles, New York City NY
  • Contours New Arcade, hosted by Contours in Melbourne, VIC
  • Fancy Video Game Party, hosted by Hand Eye Society in Toronto, Canada
  • Indie Game Showcase, hosted by Chad Toprak at Federation Square, Melbourne VIC
  • Bar SK Opening, hosted by SK Games at Bar SK, Melbourne VIC
  • Trees Go Ping, hosted by Brendan Keogh and SK Games in Brisbane QLD

Brolly Folly is available upon request for exhibitions and demonstrations.